domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2011

Stella Maris

Stella Maris
Scanner allways messes with the colors on pencil illustrations... :-(
 It looks a lot better in reality. More soft and not so textured.

Christmas in my (cooooold) hometown + me being sick + hours and hours stuck on a train = Headphones running all weekend long and me travelling far away in drawing-land. 

This one came out from a song from Moby's latest album wich I specially adore:

A little close-up:

Click to enlarge

And, yes, I´m the Grinch.

jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011

¡Montmartre es nuestro! / Postcards from Paris

¡Montmartre es nuestro!
Coloured pencils and PS

A while ago, I was invited by the sweet Anna Liebhart to collaborate with her wonderful project "Postcards from Paris". A web and a blog in wich everyone can send a personal fantasy about Paris. Later, an illustrator or photographer and a writer will work together to put it down into an illustrated short story.

Of course, I said "yes"...

In my case, I had the better of lucks because my companion in this creative adventure was no other than the amazing Noelia Aparicio who wrote the (beautiful) short story. Both of our works are based in the fantasy sent by Esther.

You can see the entry right here  ( only in spanish, sorry)

And dont forget to check the rest of the Postcards in the "Postcards from Paris" website.

sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2011

2012 Constellations Calendar

And finally, here it is! My 2012 Constellations Calendar is ready to go. 13 illustrations (12 months plus the cover) representing 14 different constellations from the North hemisphere. 

It is printed in A4 250 gr. matte cardboard. with unbound pages (I just used a simple black pin you can remove) so you can display it at your home however you want: in a frame, on your pin board, in one of those tiny easels, just one month or all in a row... I´ve got mine hanged on a clip perch that I sprayed in black paint and it looks really cool. I promise I will post some pictures ASAP.

If you want one you can get it on my Etsy shop or just order one directly by emailing me. The price is 18€ / 24USD each, plus shipping. But hurry up! because the first 40 are sold now :) 

Here you got a complete preview of the cover and of all the pages:

The cover

And some camera pictures of the printed calendars. (I have a really bad camera, sorry) 

And, this last one picture is from my favourite page:

Boötes, the shepperd.

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